Deaf Action

Deaf Action is a deaf-led charity that supports and celebrates deaf people. Deaf Action was shortlisted to respond to one of the rounds of the CivTech Challenge, which offers contracts to individuals, organisations and small businesses in Scotland, able to offer solutions to problems in the public or third sector. Deaf Action were invited to explore solutions to the problem, ‘How might technology help match British Sign Language (BSL) users and their required interpreters more easily and equitably?’ In response Deaf Action proposed the development of an online system to allow BSL users in professional roles to book qualified interpreters. 


Deaf Action needed help resubmitting their original proposal to CivTech. When they approached GUSS they only had two weeks before the resubmission deadline.  In this short space of time, GUSS were able to assist the charity with their proposal by providing help with technical specifications, as well as helping them plan a project roadmap, complete with milestones. GUSS also talked Deaf Action through technical materials, enabling them to pitch with confidence, their reapplication was a success.